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Michael Buffalo Smith October 2019 -
may well be the finest album Kinky Friedman has ever released. The songs are all just great. (Click here/scroll down to page 41 to continue reading)

When you’ve been a part of Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue; partied with John Belushi; hung out with Iggy Pop; hosted parties that attracted Jack Nicholson, Joni Mitchell, Dylan, and hundreds more; written north of 30 books; not to mention run for agriculture commissioner and governor of Texas, you’ve proven yourself to be a national treasure and nobody would fault you for slowing the hell down. Kinky Friedman is undoubtedly the former, and he even accomplished the latter — for a while, anyway. (Click here to continue reading)

Alt Root Top Ten Songs of the Week - October 23, 2019:
Kinky Friedman, along with Willie Nelson joining, presents the title track from his recent release, Resurrection.


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