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  • Music Performances, Readings, Speaking Engagements (Non-Cigar)

    To book Kinky as a keynote speaker, to perform his music, or read his work, please contact Cleve Hattersley: or 512-873-0249.

  • Publicity and Interview Requests

    For radio, please contact Jenni Finlay at Jenni Finlay Promotions: or 512-787-8968.

  • Man In Black Tequila

    For contact, trade materials, and publicity images, visit the Man In Black Tequila site. You can contact Diana Orcutt at

  • Kinky Friedman Cigars

    To schedule an appearance with Kinky and Little Jewford for a cigar event or store visit, please fill out the form on the Contact page.

    PLEASE NOTE:  The contact form is for Kinky Friedman Cigars business only and will not go to Kinky

    To visit the Kinky Friedman Cigars Web site, click here.

  • Animal Rescue

    Please use the snail mail address above or click here to visit the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch official Web site.

  • Snail-Mail Correspondence

    Postal mail is the only way to reach Kinky directly (the Kinkster has no e-mail).  He will receive everything that is mailed to the P.O. Box, but responses are rarely possible due to the limited office staff.

    Kinky Friedman
    P.O. Box 92153
    Austin, TX 78709

  • Facebook

    Click here for Kinky Friedman's Official Facebook Page.

    Click here for Kinky Friedman Cigars' Official Facebook Page.

    Click here for Kinky Friedman's Man in Black Tequila Official Facebook Page.

    Click here for the Utopia Rescue Ranch Official Facebook Page.

  • Twitter

    Click here to follow Kinky Friedman on Twitter.
Kinky, and Kinky Friedman Cigars are unable to accept or return unsolicited materials, including unpublished manuscripts, CDs or songs. Unsolicited materials will be disposed of without review.

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Austin, Texas 78709
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